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Auto Body Shop: All Insurance Repairs Welcome!

I recently spoke to a customer who brought in their vehicle to the shop. They told me that their insurance company scares people into thinking that their auto repair work won’t be guaranteed, that it won’t be up to “their standards”, and that it will take longer to repair. The client was worried about bringing it to us at first because she felt bullied by her insurance company. The insurance company told her that her car would not be fully taken care of if she went elsewhere. But the choice is really yours: You can also choose which body shop to take your car to after a car accident!

Structural repairNo Worries Here: We are a NAPA Approved Auto-Body Shop

When you bring your car in to us, it will get the best diagnosis, the best auto-body repair work, and the best mechanical repairs right her in our shop. We don’t use after-market parts or skimp on repairs. We fight for the customer and their vehicle.

We Offer the Voice of Experience with Insurance

The owner of Auto Innovations & Collision was a former insurance adjuster! When it comes to knowing how to get your vehicle repairs done right and get them covered by your insurance company, you can count on us to to a thorough and complete job.

Call us anytime between 8am-6pm, or use our after hours drop-off if your car needs to be towed or left overnight. Call 770- 499-6011 for more information.