Auto Repair shop


Do I have to use the body shop that my insurance company recommended?

No. In the end, the choice is yours. The insurance company may tell you that Auto Innovations, Inc. is not in their network and that they may not be able to efficiently handle your claim if you select us. Do not be intimidated by this. It is your right to choose whatever shop you want to repair your vehicle.

The fact is that no body shop can hold contracts with all insurance companies. We do not have to be on your insurance company’s direct repair list in order to repair your car. Auto Innovations, Inc. works with all insurance companies, and maintains good business relationships with all of their local adjusters, making it easy to complete your repairs and your paperwork.

Do I need to get multiple estimates?

No. You only need to get one estimate at the shop of your choice.

The insurance company estimate is less than your estimate. What do I do?

If the insurance company has already written an estimate, it is a good starting point for us. The estimate has useful information such as the claim number, a parts list, and the adjuster’s contact information. However, many times the insurance company will write an estimate that is conservative, and will wait until your car is at Auto Innovations, Inc. and taken apart. That is when we contact them to report additional damage and costs.

The insurance company issued me a check. What do I do with it?

Hold on to the check, and bring it with you to the shop.

Do you use factory paint?

In general, car manufacturers do not sell paint. Auto Innovations, Inc. refinishes cars using a NAPA Martin Senour Paint system, restoring your vehicle’s finish to its original condition. And it is warrantied by the manufacturer, as well as Auto Innovations, Inc. for as long as you have your vehicle.

Will my paint match?

Auto Innovations, Inc. uses several different methods to match paint. Your car’s color code is located on the car. Our painters will input it into their computer, and the computer provides the formula for mixing it. We also employ a spectrophotometer to help match your car’s color. Lastly, we tone in our colors by spraying test panels, ensuring that the color matches before we apply it to your car.

Will you use only factory parts for my repairs?

Auto Innovations, Inc. would like to use all factory parts for your repairs. However, it’s the insurance policy that dictates what types of parts will be used. If the policy states that alternative parts are to be used when they are available, that is how the estimate is prepared. However, you do have the option of requesting that genuine factory parts be installed and paying the price difference.

How long will you have my car?

The time that Auto Innovations, Inc. has your vehicle depends on the extent of damage, and whether or not hidden damage is found once your car is taken apart. To minimize delays, when possible, parts are ordered per the preliminary estimate, and received before your vehicle arrives. We also keep in touch throughout the claims process, to let you know how repairs are going and when we think they will be complete.

Have you repaired cars like mine before?

Auto Innovations, Inc. works on all makes and models of cars, sport utilities, and trucks. We are experienced repairing everything from VW Bugs to Ferraris and all models in between.

Can I get a rental while my car is being repaired?

Yes! Auto Innovations, Inc. can make a reservation for you at the nearest Enterprise location. When you are dropping your vehicle off for repairs, we call the rental office for you. They will pick you up and take you to their location to pick a vehicle and go over the contract with you.

Will the insurance company pay for the rental?

That depends. If you are using your insurance company to have your vehicle repaired, your rental will be paid for, or partially paid for if you purchased rental car coverage with your policy. The claims department can go over details with you.

If you are using the other party’s insurance company to have your vehicle repaired, a rental car will be provided while your vehicle is at Auto Innovations, Inc. Again, ask your claims adjuster for details.

If you are paying for the repairs yourself, Auto Innovations, Inc. has negotiated reasonable rates with our local Enterprise location, and can pass those rates along to you.