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How to Remove Bumper Stickers From Your Car

bumpersticker removalMaybe your candidate didn’t win? Maybe your child isn’t on the honor roll anymore? Or, Maybe you purchased a used car and the previous owner had decorated the rear bumper with a half-dozen bumper stickers. If those stickers aren’t helping your image anymore, then removing the stickers from your new car is a top priority!

Here’s what to do when they’re affixed to the bumper, on the glass, or inside the car.

How to Remove Old Stickers from Your Car

If you’re lucky, removing stickers from your car will be an easy process. Simply start peeling back a corner until the bumper sticker begins to detach. Work on all four corners and you may have that sticker off within minutes.

Unfortunately, not all bumper stickers will be so easy to remove. The sun light, warm air, and the age of the sticker can mean that progress is virtually impossible without utilizing one or more alternative methods.

  1. One common way to remove bumper stickers is to use a hair dryer. Set it on a “high” setting and slowly move it back and forth across the sticker. The heat should loosen the sticker for quick removal.

2. Another option is to boil water and apply it directly to the sticker. Wait at least one minute to allow the water to penetrate, then begin peeling the sticker off the car.

3. Using vinegar is another method, and is preferable, if you don’t want to deal with boiling water. Here, you will either spray vinegar directly on the bumper sticker or soak a cloth in vinegar and apply that directly. Wait five minutes and the sticker should be ready for removal.

Bumper Sticker Removal From Glass

A sticker affixed to glass, such as your back windshield or windows, will require a different approach. One of the easiest ways to attempt removing stickers from your car’s glass is to brush or spray cooking oil on the sticker and leave it in place for one or two hours. Once the oil has had time to penetrate, then the sticker should peel right off.

You might also use a box cutter or a razor to remove leftover residue, but always be careful not to scratch the glass.

Remove Stickers From Your Car’s Interior

Did your kids get some free stickers at the dentist office, and then apply them to your leather seat? Or, what if a sticker was affixed to the dashboard or is on the glove box? Removing stickers from your car’s interior can pose a significant challenge.

In most cases, the dashboard is composed of plastic, rubber or some other non-leather material. You will want to be extra careful here as the wrong solution could damage or discolor the surface. A soapy mixture of water and dish detergent left on the sticker may be sufficient. Make sure you allow it plenty of time to penetrate before peeling and removing.

As for leather, be very careful here. What you cannot peel away with your fingers may come free with the detergent mixture instead. Once the residue has been removed, liberally apply leather conditioner to the affected area.

When you’re done removing the bumper stickers, your car will no longer look like the rolling advertisement or political statement it once was.

Shelly Jackson