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Auto Body Repair by a Former Insurance Adjuster

Are you worried about taking your vehicle somewhere else to be fixed, other than the “insurance company body shop”? There is no need to worry! In the state of Georgia, you have a right to take your car to ANY body shop that you want! Your auto insurance carrier cannot force you to go to their shop. The owner of Auto Innovations knows this is true, because she was an insurance adjuster!

There are several reasons why insurance adjusters want you to take your car to the insurance company’s pre-arranged auto body shop:

  1. They can save money on after-market parts, over using new ones in the car repair
  2. They can offer you a “fast buy-out”, and a quick pay off for a lower overall accident settlement
  3. They want to control the repairs- and the costs- for their insurance company!

Let’s face it: Getting auto-body repair from an insurance-owned shop or a pre-approved body shop is probably not going to compare to a privately owned body shop with a NAPA guarantee!

The best advice we can give you is to get a second opinion (or a second estimate) on your auto-body repair work, instead of settling on the insurance company’s sole opinion.

If you have a dent on your car, have fender or bumper damage, need a new paint job, or have a car accident and need major auto-body repair, come to Auto Innovations in Marietta, Georgia for a great experience in car repair!